Ridge Banks

Ridge Banks

Ridge Banks

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    Nashville, TN
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    Acoustic · Blues · Folk · Pop · R&B · Rock · Rugged Acoustic
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Ridge Banks is a singer-songwriter in Nashville, recently relocated from Washington DC. Originally from the small town of Fenton, Michigan, Ridge grew up in a very musical family and started performing at a young age. He is the pioneer of the recent Rugged Acoustic Movement incorporating the picking styles of Jim Croce, John Denver and Eric Clapton with the percussive, rhythmic pulse of artists such as Ed Sheeran, John Mayer and Tommy Emmanuel. Ridge’s use of  alternative tunings gives his music an authentic edge resembling Steven Stills, Joe Bonamassa or Dave Mathews. His music has been  described as “a contrast of Light and Darkness in attempt to reflect our most Authentic selves”.

His first 5 song EP was released in 2016, and his debut album was released in November 2018. Ridge is also the co-founder of GreenScotch Productions, an entertainment company and recording studio, working out of its Washington DC studio from 2009-2019, before moving to Nashville in 2019.

Ridge is always updating his Facebook page with new videos from his live stage performances in Nashville.


Music For Sale

All of Ridge Banks’ music is available for purchase or streaming on all the major digital stores and outlets, including
iTunes, Apple Music, Amazon, Spotify, Google Play, CD Baby, and Shazam, to name a few.


  1. Speeding Train
  2. Man of Your Word
  3. Legs
  4. Prisoner 18152
  5. Devil’s Soul
  6. Rule Breaker
  7. Bare Shoulders at Night
  8. Irresistible
  9. Long Way Home
  10. Happy Song (Strollin)
  11. Long Dead and Gone

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